10,000 unique Carks

This is a collection of 10,000 unique Carks with different types of elements. Each NFT shows you one of the Carks race which has a couple of differences from you and me.

The owners of our NFTs get unlimited access to our Online Store with cool merch, Private Channels and special role on Discord Server, Special Sticker Pack and much more!


This roadmap explains our plans and goals. There's a bunch of ideas
that we're trying to implement in our huge Universe.
We also need your help to become better!

.01   Launch

We’re trying to make user experience as cool as possible and give you amazing impression of our project. So first of all, we surely need to have collection of 10,000 unique NFTs themselves. And then we’re starting to build a whole universe behind it with which you’ll be able to interact. Also, there can’t be any great project without a great community, and we know it too! You can already go to our Discord Server and find people like you with ambition. Don’t forget to subscribe to our other social medias such as Twitter and YouTube.

.02   Our Merch

There’s a bunch of different stuff that you can buy from us like T-Shirts, Caps, Hoodies, Stickers, Posters, and much more. However, to get unlimited access to our store and more, you’ll need to buy at least one of our NFTs. And then, Online Store with cool merch, Private Channels, and Special Role on Discord are opened for you! All money that we’re earning from merch are reinvested back to this and future projects.

.03   Direct Integration

By saying “Direct Integration” we mean adding several features like buying and selling our NFTs right through our Discord Bot or Telegram Bot that will make it much easier for many users, as well as will also help us to make more giveaways and airdrops. We’re also planning to create our own Spotify Radio and YouTube translation with Lo-Fi Beats.

.04   Our Cryptocurrency

In our plans, we’re thinking about creating our own Token or even a whole NFT Marketplace that will help you to buy NFTs there rather than from Opensea.io. You’ll also be able to use our Token to buy NFTs and probably spend it in our future Multiverse too! Anyway, Cryprotoken is a great example of Web 3.0 and will make everything much easier, and that is our goal #1

.05   Other Collections

We’re planning to create other NFTs collections about this Universe and connect them with each other. On the basis of this we’ll be able to create and publish our own comics or even a book with a story behind this Universe.

Who are we?

Hey! Meet the team behind this project. We're creators with ambitions
that are focusing on building Startups in Web 3.0 sphere and more. We have been working
hard to create this NFT Collection and now we're finding new ways to push ourselves.
Now take a closer look to each of us and follow us on Social Media!

Mark Vassilevskiy

Hey! I’m Mark, and I’m the founder of this project. Usually, I’m working on content creation and all marketing strategies, deals which you see and implement with. Also, whole UI/UX Design is made by me. So, in a nutshell, I’m a Designer, Content Creator, Web 3.0 Developer, Entrepreneur. If you want to see more projects like this, then join our community and follow me at other social medias, so you’ll never miss your chance!

Nelly Vassilevskaya

Hi there! I’m Nelly and I’m the art director behind this project. Actually, the whole collection, as well as various illustration and elemnts on this Website were drawn by me. Also, I was involved in creating the plot of this project. In the future I’m planning to draw comics, stickers, illustrations for the merch, and much more for this and other projects! Follow me on Social Media to know more about me.